Nicole Of Southern California Contact Information
Nicole Of Southern California
Stats: 34DD-28-35
Height: 5'5"
Age: 42
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 130 lbs
Los Angeles ,
(949) 315-1072
My Photos and Bio
Nicole Of Southern California
I love to please. Staying attuned to current events enables mutual conversations on a wide spectrum of interests. I possess a soothing midnight FM voice and let us not forget, conversation is also a form of foreplay. An active lifestyle contributes to my sexy and femininely athletic build, plus nature was generous and kind. I can be found on a few select gentlemanís escort sites and top lists with stellar reviews.

Mature gentleman ages 36 and up.

Time tip:
For a quality experience, a 2-hour session is what I highly recommend. This will allow you to comfortably relax and enjoy the full benefits of a satisfying rendezvous.

Below are my standard local in-call/out-call rates. Contact me for custom times and locations. I can tailor to fit your schedule and location.

1 hr. In-call 375 Out-call 375
2 hr. In-call 500 Out-call 500
4 hr. Out-call 750
6 hr. Out-call 900

12 hr. Out-call 1500
24 hr. In-call 2000 Out-call 2000
(949) 315-1072

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