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Stats: 38DD
Height: 5'7"
Age: 28
Hair Color: brown
Weight: 130 lbs
Los Angeles ,
(213) 673-3395
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My name is Uma Parvati and I have helped thousands of individuals and couples improve their love lives for the better. It is my honor to pamper and pleasure you and your relationship(s) back into an open, intimate, blissful place!

The Taoist and Tantric techniques I teach originated as traditions in ancient cultures that respected sexual energy and honored sexual union as one of the most sacred arts. By using such principles I have watched people overcome impotency, pre-mature ejaculation, tired libido, and other issues. Even people who have a "good sex life" reach new heights of pleasure and awareness. Cultivating sexual energy this way also affects your creativity, emotions and your quality of life.

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(213) 673-3395

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