Alyssa Valentino Contact Information
Stats: 32C
Height: 5'3"
Age: 23
Hair Color: black
Weight: 105 lbs.
Chicago ,
(312) 927-9971
My Photos and Bio
Alyssa Valentino
I am a talented Latina goddess who is dominant in personality, with a seductive style, playful attitude, and who is wildly kinky! I have a lean build, a tiny waist, and piercing eyes that I use to my advantage as the young devilishly cute girl next door, to the experienced and tantalizing siren who will certainly light your fire and set you aflame! I am an aficionado of erotic torment and I take great pleasure in coercing my submissives to do my bidding while I revel in entertained laughter!

From an early age, I knew about sexual anguish, rhythms of arousal and denial, as well as was aware of my delighted indulgence in playing the role of the innocent, but fully responsive, tease. I represent the classic good girl gone bad; a beautiful, seductive woman who step by step makes her target, man or woman, beholden to my will.

(312) 927-9971

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