Stacy Moet Contact Information
Stats: 36D-24-36
Height: 5'11"
Age: 22
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 145
Chicago , Las Vegas , Los Angeles , Tampa ,
My Photos and Bio
Stacy Moet
My name is Stacy Moet, I thought I'd let you in on a little secret, "I'm exactly what your looking for" (big smile).. I have been around the counrty for the past few months pretty much sightseeing, WI, TN, MN, LA, IL, FL, CA. I am originaly from CA where I was working four jobs as a kinder teacher, an after school lead program aide, a model, and a teacher at the YMCA... I have been in Vegas for about 3 yrs now.. I love to conversate, and have an amazing past that would blow anyones mind, (big smile).. I enjoy dinning out, only because its an intimate moment that you spend with the other person without outside distractions such as thinking of having to clean up afterwards, or is my food going to be burnt? (big laugh).. I LOVE the outdoors and just taking a walk is considered an outdoor adventure to me.. I'm energetic and full of life, I think so and I'm told by everyone around me, even though I enjoy being the life of the party, I also like my space, to do my own thing, i enjoy reading in a corner, and writting.. I am writting a book and am very dedicated to it.. I am a non smoker and consider myself to be a light social drinker.. I am drug free, have been all my life......

I am a tall 5'11 latin female. I am 165 lb, 36 D with loooong brown streaked hair, shoe size is an 8 1/2, and just for the record, I am always being complimented on my feet..... Clients are attracted to my beauty, but come back for my personality..
Contact me if I am right about me being the one...

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