Jane St. Claire Contact Information
Jane St. Claire
Stats: 34D.25.34
Height: 5'2"
Age: 27
Hair Color: brown
Weight: 120
New York ,
My Photos and Bio
Jane St. Claire
I am a twenty-eight year old woman, born in Eastern Canada but raised in beautiful Westchester County just outside of New York City. Ever since I graduated college I knew that I could not sit behind a desk all day.

I was always on the go, traveling and moving around; I'm a wanderer of sorts and luckily, my nomadic ways take me all over the globe. Therefore, I am extending an invitation to the particular, selective and affluent gentleman of the great cities that I visit. I love meeting new and exciting people from all over the world and developing longlasting connections that are mutually beneficial to both. One can never have enough good friends.

I have a refreshing and vibrant look; a brunette with flowing locks midway down my back, blue-grey eyes and a tiny but toned frame that is slightly tanned in the summertime. I stand a petite 5 foot 2 inches with measurements of 34D.25.34. I am extremely hygienic, clean and safe


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