Cindy Spice Contact Information
Stats: 36FF-25-36
Height: 5'7"
Age: 33
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 125
Las Vegas ,
(800) 805-9501
My Photos and Bio
Cindy Spice
Hi, I'm Cindy Spice - the Spice girl that got away!! I'm having much more fun than the rest of the singing group. If you'd like to know why then you'll just have to email me. ;-) ;-)

A little more about me - A lady never reveals her age (*fluttering eyelashes*) but I really really don't look a day over...............oh that doesn’t matter, age is just a number ! *wink wink*

I have golden blond shoulder length natural curly hair, and I do mean curly . As a child I was called Shirley Temple.

I have blue eyes, stand 5'7" tall and weigh 140 pounds (OK - well the boobs weigh about 20 pounds LOL LOL). You want measurements ? 36FF-25-36

I love to please and pamper my man (or woman ) !

Face to face I'm very personable/outgoing, and when we start talking, you'll feel like you have known me forever!!!! I'm easy to please and love to take the lead, but if you want to take the lead I enjoy that too .
(800) 805-9501

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